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Complete ASP.NET web hosting .aspx .Net Framework on Windows 2008 servers. We offer some of the most economical .aspx Shared Hosting accounts available. We also offer CentOS Linux web hosting. We also provide custom Dedicated servers for whatever your business requirements.

Dedicated Servers


We offer custom built, industrial grade, rackmount Windows and Linux servers. Our preferred server platform is SuperMicro for many reasons. Like Dell who use SuperMicro hardware for their servers. By using SuperMicro hardware we find they are worth the higher initial costs. We do not offer a desktop tower and call it a server as many hosts.


We chose only premium servers like SuperMicro, HP, and Dell. These providers are selected as their hardware has a proven track record in our production envirnoment. We are a service based business providing the best environment for service, and networking not reselling hardware. If item is on Backorder, give us a call! We will work to expedite an order for you! 1-888-410-3671


We operate a NO Cogent network! We use only premium peers like Level3, Sprint, Savvis and NTT. We have built our own all fiber network we don't just rent a cage in a carrier hotel. We have chosen to use all Cisco equipment with fiber switches to the backbone.


We chose only premium servers like SuperMicro, HP, and Dell.

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Entry Level 2 Server
SuperMicro X7DVL-3 Server 2x Intel L5420 QC 16 gig memory with 2 1 terabyte drives.
Item on Backorder
Entry Level 2 Server
1U X7DBU SuperMicro Server 6015B-NTB 2x Intel L5420 Quad Core 8 GB 2x PCI-E X8
Item on Backorder
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